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Very hard to say. Consider first what else could have changed since the report was last allowing you to ‘export’ to then read into Excel? if you are using the ondemand version then it is Mid Jan since there was an update so could that be involved here? if not, then it could be that the size of the data you are trying to download is now too large for what your PC can cope with for some reason and you should consider looking at a different method to work with your data. For instance do you need to export ALL the data (assuming that your 182 fields refer to fields on the form collecting data) all the time? Have you looked at how in a report you can filter to show specific sub sets of the data or how you can set up multiple report fields to present the data in different ways and then instead of exporting one huge file, export out the specific information you need in more manageable quantities. And over all this if you use the connection agent module, how you can use an ‘insert’ action to write the data out directly to a database table as your users submit the data where they are more capable of working with large data sets