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I followed your instructions but i couldnt do it.

Let me re-write in steps,

1- Two forms Sample Form 1 and Sample Form 2.

2- Sample Form 1 is fetching data from DB using ‘New Form Connection’ connection and ‘Sample Form Action’action,where ‘EmpId’ is Send Parameters and ‘EmpName’ is Return Parameters.

3- A instance is created and form is in its closed stage.

4- Sample Form 2 is doing the same job.i.e fetching data from DB using same connection and same action.

5- A ‘New Form Connection’ is created and Form: Sample Form 1 is selected.A ‘New Form Action’ is created where send parameter is ‘EmpId’ and return patameter is ‘EmpName’.It is tested and working fine.

Now a button View is created with ‘On Press Button’ behavior.A Connect integration command is used and ‘Connection:New Form Connection and Action:New Form Action’ are used.Again Send parameter is empid from a mask text input object and return parameter is name text input object.

Now what i want is just to open form instance,instance created by Sample Form 1, depending on empid given on Sample Form 2.



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