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You could create a connection to your main form and build a “report” form. When your “report” form is opened ask the user to input a field that is unique to them. Use that field and Stage 3 as send parameters and return at least 2 parameters into a table. You are using Stage 3 as a send param because you only want to return instances that need their attention.

The first return parameter should be something to identify the form instance (instance name would be good) and the instance ID (this column should be hidden). Have another column in your table, a button column. When the button is pressed use a Show Form object and use the instance ID – current row to identify the form.

You can have as many return parameters (and columns in your table) as you like to help your users identify which instances they want to open.

I still think that using follow-up notifications is a very good method. Even if you create a “report” form, you should probably still use follow-up notifications.

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