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On the page in our help guide about form properties: /Documentation/manual/html/?fl_form_properties_reference_tabl.htm you will find a section under advanced properties about Locking – Time Out. it says: Allows you to enter a time out interval for the form. This property sets the time that a form instance will remain open before a warning message is shown. The time out interval will be reset every time the form user saves the form. Additionally, by clicking Yes on the Time Out dialog that is presented, the user can reset the time out interval.

It is a fixed time irrespective of any activity on the form. A form user could be typing in the form and the message will still pop up at the end of the specified time period.

Once the warning message is shown, the form user still has three minutes in which to click OK to keep the instance open for another time period of the same length. If the form user clicks Close on the warning screen or if the three minute period elapses then the form instance closes without data being submitted.

The default time out is 30 minutes but this property should be set longer than the time expected to complete an instance. The maximum value is 9999 minutes (or about 6 days).

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