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Sorry if it was not that clear.

My intention is that I don’t want to create plenty of pages as I got more than 10 forms. It also reduces the interactivity of users because it will cause a postback when navigating to other page. Iframe is not a good solution either.

But not to worry. I have found a cause of the problem and established a workaround. It turns out that document.write caused this problem. So I just output the <object> tag straight away to the page depending on parameters I put in the code behind.

It raises another question though:

1. The ExternalCall function can be used to populate form values correct? I can’t see how to do this (the documentation is not clear and there is no sample). Can you please show me a sample?

2. I can perform some code after submit button is clicked (such as printing/emailing pdf, writing to database) correct?

The idea is that I want users to be able to complete incomplete forms, and track all the forms they had deal with. (these are public users, not perfectforms users – therefore I have to integrate it with my application)

Does it give us those flexibility?