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This is easily accomplished using a notification.

From the PerfectForms’ online help guide:

Setting Notifications, Reminders, Escalations

PerfectForms™ Help Guide > Designing a Form >

Notifications can be sent to stakeholders identified in the workflow to alert them to action needed or other key stages of the workflow. Notifications are behaviors assigned to paths within a workflow.

When a user has been notified, the instance is shown on their PerfectForms™ dashboard page in the Attention Needed graph.

• A notification can also be sent via e-mail. The notification on the dashboard view is automatic but notification by e-mail is optional.

• A notification can include data extracted from the individual form instance that it refers to.

• A notification may include a level of attention to indicate the urgency. Instances that include an attention level of Normal or above will be seen on the dashboard in the color coded My Attention Levels graph. There are six levels of attention:

• A notification can be delayed to act as a reminder.

• A notification can be delayed and sent to another person or group to act as an escalation.

embim3Interactive Example

For a demonstration of the notification behavior, see the Allowing a Form User to Save Then Submit Later topic (available only in the online help version of this guide).

Updated: 4/25/2010 Page url: /Documentation/manual/html/?notifications.htm