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Hi Dennis, yes there is a reason and I probably didn’t explain things very well.

I use a Reference form which will only ever have one instance. This reference form contains a number of dropdown boxes populated by data taken from other external sources. The thinking here is two-fold, firstly since the form has to be updated and published every time a dropdown box contents are changed, it keeps the number of version changes limited to this one reference form. Secondly I assume adding a couple of dropdown boxes to forms (like my invoice approval form) increases the size of the form.

On this basis I decided to use this approach. For example on a new instance of the invoice approval form, when I get to entering the supplier’s name, I wanted to access the reference form, find the supplier from a dropdown box and return the data to the invoice approval form. The invoice form will remain open until all the data is entered.

As I tried to explain earlier, I use a lookup button which opens the reference form and once a supplier is selected I am trying to close the reference form and return the selected data back to the invoice form. I was trying to use a “set field in other instance” command but that doesn’t seem to work.

Your help is appreciated – can I just add that the invoice approval form is only one of many forms that will access the reference form dropdown boxes.


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