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Thats what I have been attemping –

“Use the ‘Default Stage/All Roles’ combination to control the state of objects for a user starting a form.”

But it is not working. Lets say I have a form with 4 stages and 4 roles (A Submitter and 3 approvers). If I have fields that only the submitter should be able to change at the Submitter(default) stage, I only want the submitter to be able to make changes to the field at the submitter stage. However, if I go into a fields edit state window, and set the field to be read only for all roles at that default stage except the submitter, how can i make the field editable by the starter, since the default role is “unspecified”? The only time now that I have been able to get a field in the normal state for unspecified is if a “majority” of the roles see the field in the normal state at a given stage. I showed this to CJ earlier this week. What you are saying makes sense and seemed to work fine in 1.16, but since the upgrade I have not been able to make a field normal for both my submitter role and the default unspecified role at the default stage.

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