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If you have a support ticket already started for this case then it is better to use that method to resolve the problem, especially if it looks to be version related rather than a ‘how do I do this’ type of question.

I do have a comment on the ‘Default’ stage issue though.(This is mainly for folks who want to understand this topic a little better rather than for any possible release related issues mentioned previously).

At the default stage (i.e. when the form instance is first opened/created) there are no roles defined (Roles are only defined when a notification is sent to someone, allocating them a role, and this only happens when the form has been submitted) so there is no point in trying to set any access rules for specific roles at the default stage.

Furthermore only one person can access a form instance at the default stage; it is the person who will create the instance (who would normally be considered as the submitter/requester/applicant etc.) so the ‘All Roles / Default Stage’ combination would only apply to this person who is creating and submitting the form instance.

The exception to this would be if your logic is such that you notify other users (thus allocating them roles) in a way that the form instance does not move to the next stage … this is the only way (that I can think of) that a person with a specified role can access a form at the default stage. Although technically possible it is an unlikely scenario in most processes, and does not apply the very first time the form instance is opened/created.