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Guess it depends if you are ‘under pressure’ to get this done quickly? seeing how you could do this ‘validation’ in the table on a ‘row by row’ basis could be worth checking out as once you can see how that works (ie how you can ‘scroll through’ each row in the table and do things here like ‘check current row’) you will more than likely find that this ‘technique’ has so many other users that you may need in the future as you get to more complex processes, but for the ‘quick and easy’ if you need that, then setting up ‘groups’ using the checkbox object will be way to go.

if you do go to look at working in the table, I’d suggest that you don’t do it on this form where you probably have a lot of other things going on to start with, but set up a small ‘test’ form where you only have the table object.. then its quicker/easier to see what it does (ie you can just ‘preview’ the form and enter in some content and then run your ‘script’ under a ‘button’ on the form)