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    I have an employee database (employee_name, data 1, data 2, etc.)made up of a form instance for each employee. The database is usually accessed by another form through a connection which searches for a single name and returns all the data plus the instance ID. This second form can then update some of the data. This all works fine.

    I have a requirement to access EVERY form instance of the database and update one of the data items based on the value of another data item (in the same form instance). Is there a global way of doing this without having to select each form instance by employee_name one at a time, and if so can it be done from a report (acting as a portal).




    not actually sure what you mean by ‘global’ as it seems that what you want to update may not be exactly the same for each user, but you could read your data in to a TABLE object on your form (or report if you wanted) so all the instances are returned into a row in the table.

    from there, then possibly a script that you could run that can manipulate the data in the table columns (if the rule to ‘update’ is consistent for all) followed by updating the instance on a row by row basis..

    have a look at the ‘Set Table Rows Properties’ /Documentation/manual/html/fl_set_table_rows.htm to see how you can manipulate data in a table



    Well guessed – By “Global”, I meant a one-off change across all form instances. The data to be changed is different per user, but the formula or rule is consistent.

    Thanks for your solution which will do what I want and also make me change the way I have done some other things.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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