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    Is it possible to modify a form link in a report to include a role, in a similar manner to notifications? I am creating a report that will allow a user with a certain role to see information from multiple form instances. I want the user to click the link to open the form, and the form to recognize that it is being opened from the report (instead of another manner) in order to show different fields.



    afraid not, but as a user accesses a form from a report it will show the form to them based on the role that has been defined for them in your notification action

    if for instance this user has been set to ‘role2’ when the form routes into ‘stage2’ when they click to open that form, they will see the form based on the access rights for ‘role2’

    and if there was a form to which they had not yet been defined to a role (ie a form that may still be in ‘stage1’ and they haven’t yet been notified) they will then see the form based on the ‘all’ roles access rights

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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