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    Is there a definition for error code “0” and why this error might be thrown?

    I cannot see one in the help section: /Documentation/manual/html/index.html?error_code_reference.htm

    I have a form instance with the out of the box function for User to add/upload an attachment.

    Steps to recreate the issue:

    1. End User clicks on the ‘add’ button in PF published form (dialogue window opens)

    2. User locates and selects the file to upload (e.g. PDF / 160kb)

    3. User clicks ‘open’ in the dialogue window (upon click of the button ‘open’ I noticed an ERROR, see below, when viewing in a Charles session proxy)

    4. Note: The file successfully uploads and is displayed in the form.

    The error is a concern because many of my customers use this function across their internal network, and this error prompts their internal proxy network login window to appear. If I can understand the nature of error code “0” there may be a relationship with the network error my customers are experiencing.

    The error occurs regardless of file format (PDF, WOrd, XLS, JPEG tried).

    The ERROR, prompted by:


    The ERROR message, viewed through session proxy application:











    My environment:

    * PF Premise 1.18

    * Tested in FF 8, IE7, IE8, Chrome 10

    Thanks for your input



    Edit: the forum stripped out the syntax for CODE.

    After the syntax ERROR, the XML opens CODE, with a value of 0 (zero) and closes CODE.


    Ironically, the error code “0” means the operation completed successfully. I have forwarded your scanario to development for evaluation.





    Thanks Aaron. I received a call from your tech today about this issue. He confirmed that the error code 0 is expected behaviour.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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