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    I have a HR application which stores each employees holiday entitlement. There is one form instance for each employee and currently the forms remain “open”. There is no workflow stages so each form can be modified and saved.
    We have now reached the point where there are now a number of records of employees who have left the company and I would like to move them to a “closed” state. Tried adding one stage which is both the default and closed stage however it closes all form instances.
    Advice on the best way to keep active instances “open” so they can be modified and saved and to “close other forms that are no longer active but must be kept.
    I am okay on the procedure for version mapping.


    A stage cannot be both default and closed. Your workflow needs at least two stages. The first should be the default stage and the second, a closed stage. There should be a condition to move from one to the other. That way the instance will only move to the closed stage when the condition has been met. That condition can be anything (like a checkbox is checked).

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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