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    I would like to include a list of URLs from a table in an email. However, in the email it generally ends up looking like this: {Proof URLs – Proof URL – All rows~} when I insert it has a field. I tried building the text string on row loses focus as suggested in another topic on this particular forum, however, there is the problem of deletions and edits. With a couple of edits, it’s not surprising to have 3 or 4 copies of the same URL because it’s added every time focus is lost.

    (An implode rows function might be handy, but does not appear to exist.)



    This feature is still in the works for an upcoming version, however if you are itching to do it now AND have the database connection agent AND can code your own web services you can try this work-around:

    1. Save your table data to your database via the connection agent. (I use form instance ID as the key in my table. It’ll call multiple inserts, one for each row.)

    2. Write a simple web service to fetch and format these records, storing the result returned by the web service in a hidden multi-line text field. (I’m lazy, so mine just returns a string, instead of acting as a true XML Web Service.)

    3. Include that multi-line field in your email.

    (Note: if you include any HTML markup in your response: you appear to need to escape it. Our “web service” wraps URLs in anchor tags and would spill an error if I didn’t.)



    Hi, I would like to know if this feature: “tables rows notifications” has been made available, since this was discussed a year ago. We currently have the need to include table rows data (from user input) in the notification message content, and we do not want to use additional data sources for this process if is possible.



    Since you cannot include table data directly in a notification, you have to put the data in a (hidden) field. You can then insert that field in your notification. Elaborate connections are not necessary.

    There are two scenarios:

    1)You want to include the data from every row of your table in your notification.; On a behavior (submit?) use set table and simple branch behavior objects to start at the top of a table and add the value from each row to a multiline text input. Loop through the behavior until you reach the bottom of the table and end the behavior. If you use a simple branch (behavior – last command was successful) after the move table row to next row you can know when you hit the bottom of a table.

    2) You only want one row from the table; In this scenario you will need to create a behavior to determine which row you want, and then set your hidden field with that value.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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