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    THis really has foxed me.

    I have a field which is alphnumberic in my form.

    I have set up the object to report on with a filter. Basically if it is <> 2 ” then don’t show that data value.

    When i click on preview I get the message”

    An error has occured. In a dynamic filter, cannot compare fields of different data types.

    What does this mean?



    Does it matter that there is no data in the form, when you try to preview?



    if you have no data in the form when you are trying to preview a report you won’t get this message, but will get a ‘no data to report’ type of message

    this error though is indicating that you are trying to compare a VALUE against Text

    and would point to the filter you have tried to set up. remove the filter and see you can then preview the report to confirm it is the filter and then check to see that your logic in this filter is valid ( where you just say <> 2 ” doesn’t look to be valid although that could just a typo in your post)



    yes it should be field value <> ” “



    damn and blast without the filter it works with the filter it fails. I’ve used this before with no problems.



    is there a mis-match between an alphnumeric feild and a data list?



    if one field is a VALUE and another is a TEXT then you can get this sort of problem

    but if you’ve got another report using the same method, check there to see what is potentially different ?

    also.. what sort of ‘filter’ are you using? there are many ways you can work with filters. in the datasource, using Filter Input/Selectors and also in behaviours as well



    i set up te data source with the filter so I can filter different text boxes should they contain blank data



    ‘different text boxes’ ? If your filter condition is involving more than one form field that could involved or if the datasource is also being used on other ‘value’ based fields

    Are you talking about using ONE datasource here? you can of course have as many datasources as you want on the report (and all to the same form if you want)

    if you have a text field on a form that may or may not be answered but you only want to see this when it IS answered, then using a seperate datasource can be better


    but also of course, refer to your other reports you mention where you have done this before to see how that was set up



    that’s what i’ve done



    sorry, not at all clear what you are trying to say …. what is ‘that’ ? one datasource, more than one datasource, multiple fields in the condition.

    what is different you are trying to do here to the report where you have succesfully done this before? comparing what you have working to what you are trying here may show you what is needed.

    but if not, export your source form and the report (name them meaningfully so we know which is which) and send them over to us at and maybe we will be able to see what is going on



    On reviewing this, the historical use of ‘ ‘ was not logical and was a ‘workaround’.

    <empty> should be used in future.

    Any reports that you may already have published will still work if set up using ‘ ‘ but if you have need to publish a new version you should change your filter condition to use <empty> (ie the default you are shown when adding ‘new line’ to the condition)

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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