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    I would like know if there is a was to set up a connection to get data straight from saleforce. The the form is sharks ticket request, the purpose of the connection is to get data, such as Dep, Host name, section, ext. An ideal connection would should a list of avaible tickets for a specific date and when line item is clicked populate filled on the form from saleforce data.

    Also is it possible to do the oppisite, update saleforce with fields from the form.

    Or would we have to export saleforce data to a csv and have a connection.



    You need to upgrade to the version of Salesforce that lets you use their API.

    Workflow software, Process software, Procedure software



    I checked and we have saleforce Enterprise. How should i go about setting up that connection? What steps do you recomend? I am new to API connections and not sure where to start, either with perfectforms or salesforce.


    You will be setting up a web service connection in PerfectForms to integrate with the API from Salesforce. This is one of the more technical and complex tasks in PerfectForms. You are going to need to thoroughly review our documentation in our help guide. I recommend that you start at the highest level and move down: /Documentation/manual/html/?d_webservicesconnections.htm, /Documentation/manual/html/?fg_web_service_conneciton_actions.htm, /Documentation/manual/html/?admin_web_service_example.htm,

    Workflow software, Process software, Procedure software

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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