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    I have an employee holiday application with a form which has 3 stages. The applicant fills in a request for holidates and submits form to line manager. the line manager approves or rejects the form and submits it to HR admin. The HR person manually transfers the data to an HR software package and then “actions” the Perfectform form which closes the form instance. The HR package has a csv import function so I am looking at a way to automate or semi-automate the last stage.
    One solution is for the HR person to run a report of all “not Actioned” form occurances and export the report data to an Excel spreadsheet, save it as a csv file and import to the HR package. Finally they would go back to each “not Actioned” form and “Action” it.
    Is it possible to use the “Action” button to run a behaviour which exports the data directly to a spreadsheet or csv file (I assume a connection could be used). The only issue I have is, CAN THE EXPORTED DATA BE APPENDED TO AN EXISTING CSV FILE RATHER THAN OVERWRITE OR REPLACE IT.


    Yes. You can create a connection to your CSV file and use an insert or update action to either insert a new row or update an existing row.

    I would first investigate this HR software package. What type of DB does it have? If it is SQL or similar, just create a connection and action to write directly to it, skipping all of the manual steps. Does the software package have an API? If yes, create a web service connection  to write directly to it, skipping all of the manual steps. 



    Thanks Dennis,
    Unfortunately the HR package is not accessible as a database or through a web service connection.I will do some tests using the csv file update and insert.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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