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    is there a way to append/prepend items to a dropdown after it’s been populated via a connect?

    currently, we have two dropdowns. the second is populated based on the “changes field data” event. the second should fire another action when it changes field data.. but since the second dropdown is often populated with only one item, the user can’t change the data.. and the action can’t be fired. i realize a “go” button could be a work-around but, ideally, i could prepend an empty/dummy selection item.

    if this isn’t currently available, will it be soon? if not, can it be added as a feature request?





    Afraid it is not available and not aware of any plans for this. If you would like it to be considered for a future release, please contact your account manager and they can discuss the options available.



    I had a similar need and put in a request for a command that works like the set table row command for a dropdown, so please send a request in also and maybe we will get this. I don’t know if you are using stored procedure to connect and populate your dropdowns or what you are needing to inject into the list items. For me, i just wanted to add a phrase “Select an item” or somethign to that effect and needed it to be the first item. So, I just added that row in my stored procedure. Not sure if that helps you.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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