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    OK. So, I got this to work. Now I am wondering: What is the best practice for handling the base64Binary data, prior to passing it to a web service for handling?

    I have tried to store the API’s GetFormInstancePDF results to a Multiline text input field and a File Attachment field, but that seems to corrupt the binary nature of the data.


    The result of the API’s GetFormInstancePDF will be a PDF. You cannot store a PDF in a field in a form. I think that you have also proven that you cannot use the API to create attachments.

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    What I am attempting to do is 1) call the GetFormInstancePDF (works great!) and 2) call an external web service I wrote, that writes incoming base64Binary data to a network drive as a pdf (also works great!).

    The issue is that there is no way to store the base64Binary data for the call to my web service.

    Is there another way I am not seeing?



    Is there any sample code out there that shows how to call the PerfectForms API from the outside? I can port from Java, .NET, etc.


    You can use this SOAP web service to call the API from outside: /Documentation/manual/html/?api_instances_list.htm



    Thanks, Dennis!


    I’m reviving the request from above a long time ago. I would like to continue to request the following feature:
    1. When using the API I would like to be able to see the names of all of the attachments in an instance
    2. Be able to download those attachments

    If I understand correctly (as was mentioned above), it is not possible to get the name of an attachment in an instance.

    The API is incomplete without this feature. Data that can be found in the instance is inaccessible (the file names and the ability to access them).
    Thank you,


    This request is on the road map for development, but will not be implemented this year.

Viewing 8 posts - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)

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