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    I don’t know how to do the following. I hope that someone can help me.

    I made 2 numeric input field, 1 for order value and 1 for the discount amount.

    If the 1st field (order amount) is filled in the 2nd field automatically displays the discount amount

    the discounted values ​​is shown in the table below:

    Order amount:                        Discount
    €         0,00 – €   999,99              €       0,00
    € 1000,00 – € 1999,99              € 100,00
    € 2000,00 – € 2999,99              € 200,00
    € 3000,00 – € 3999,99              € 300,00
    € 4000,00 – € 4999,99              € 400,00
    € 5000,00 – € 5999,99              € 500,00

    Best regards,

    Jean Paul


    When the order value field changes data, use a Multiple Branch object. Place 7 Set Field objects arrayed below it (setting the discount amount values). Make a join path from the Multiple Branch to each Set Field. On the join paths create your conditions in formulas (Order amount is equal or greater than 100,00 AND order amount is equal or less than 199,99 – etc…). Each join path will be different. The seventh join path should be always if no other condition is met. On that one maybe you set the discount amount to 0, or maybe you show a message to say the value is out of range.



    hello Dennis,

    I made the behaviors as explaned, when I enter a order amount less than 1000 it shows a discount of 100 must be 0. When I enter 2600 it also shows 100?

    Ans the order amount return to 0 after Tab or enter?


    Please fill out a support inquiry form: /support_contact.php. Please export your form design and attach a copy of the .PF file to the inquiry by clicking the button labeled Attachments. Please describe in detail where to locate the behavior. I will review your design for you. Our help guide describes how to export your form design: /Documentation/manual/html/?d_exportingformsandformdata.htm.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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