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    I want the forms to Autosave after 30 seconds, how should i implement that in perfect forms? like the one happens in


    Place a timer on the page. In the properties section under auto-start select the None radio button. Set the End parameter to 30 seconds. Under behavior click Timer Ends. Drag in a Submit behavior object and choose re-open same.

    Drag in a hidden helper text input field on the page. Create another behavior when the page opens. Start with a Simple Branch Behavior object (Is helper field empty?). If True use a Set Field Object to place a “1” in your hidden helper field, and then use a Start/Stop object to start your timer. If false – go to an Exit object because the form instance has already been opened and submitted.

    The first time your form is opened it will submit and re-open after 30 seconds.

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    Thanks Dennis, but what is the minimum time we can put for auto-save?



    Thanks a lot Dennis, but i have one more doubt. How can we save the data from the forms in a draft or a system after 30 seconds in runtime ie when a client ‘sign out’ in between, but when he ‘logs in’ the form should resume from the point were the client left, is there any such option in perfect forms??


    The minimum time for a timer object is 1 second.

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    Nikhil you will have to be more specific. If the form is submitting in 30 seconds after it is first opened the user will likely still be on the first page, no? If you want the user to return to their instance send them a notification in the workflow with a link back to the form instance. There is a section in Form properties where you can define what page of the form is shown depending on workflow stage. A form instance can move to a different stage every time it is submitted.

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    1) hey Dennis, is their any option like session management, ie- when a client logsin on login page the time of loggin and logout should be captured..

    2) How can we save the data in pdf form ?


    Of course:

    1) Drag in 2 hidden time fields and a hidden date field. When the form opens use Set fields to set the current time and date in the first set of fields. When submit is pressed set the current time in the other time field.

    2)When you use a Print button or Print behavior object in PerfectForms the tool will render a PDF of the instance.

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Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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