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    Hi, Two things I’m unable to perform with my published forms (v1.18) are related:

    1. In the Embed code with the background set to “transparent”, as opposed to “window” by default the form defaults to the background-color (white). My embed file sits on a HTML page with a patterned background, it is this I want to come through. How do I do this?

    2. How can I hide horizontal and vertical scrolling in a published form. The size of the form has an output of width and height 100×100, if I add the embed code into my HTML page there is vertical and horizontal scroller in IE browsers (tested v8 and v9). If I add a single pixel to the width and height (101×101) I sure enough get rid of the scrollers but I now have a single pixel width and height added to my form, which I do not want. How might I address this in PF?




    sorry, please ignore #2 – problem with User! there was an additional pixel added to the canvas. Issue #1 remains.


    Get an image file of the patterned background from the site. Import that image asset into your form. Set that image as the background for each page. If you want the patterns to match like wallpaper in a corner you will probably have to monkey with it for a bit to get it right…

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    Thanks Dennis. The problem I have in doing that is the alignment of the two background-images (PF and the Body) that is compatible in all browsers – in each case when one is right another is not.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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