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    Anybody experienced some of the objects in a behaviour layout moving to a random locations on the page especially if editing them or adding new objects from the toolbox. This very frustrating when you have a neat behaviour layout, you move the position of one item and it appears to just go to a random place taking its links with it. You try to put it back to where it was and it goes somewhere else. Having do one change, save thew design in case they and then do the next change. Have only noticed this since the last update (but that may be coincidental).



    The condition you describe has been reported and is to be addressed in the next release (v1.18). You most likely have ‘Snap to grid’ enabled in the View functions. If you disable ‘Snap to grid’ until the v1.18 update, this should not occur.




    Thanks will give it a try – Can I just say it is very encouraging when you come back and say “there is” or “there may be” a problem.

    Thank you



    Unfortunately having the “Snap to Grid” function disabled doesn’t seem to solve the problem. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.


    V 1.18 is scheduled for release in late September. The issue will be corrected with that version.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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