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    I am following the “Adding a Simple Test User Interface” example in the API tutorial.

    When the GetList() method is called it returns error code 7. I could not find a list of error code descriptions in the Perfect Forms Manual.pdf. What does this error code mean?



    Hi Dalecan,

    I will find out what this error code means and post the results in the forum as soon as I can.



    Hi all here are the API error codes:

    Code Type Description

    -2 Common The response from the server if not in the right format

    -1 Common Message code for unknown error

    0 Common Message code if everything worked ok

    1 Common Message code if the user or password is not valid

    2 Common Message code if the user is not authenticated

    7 Common Invalid parameters passed to the web service

    14 Common The form no longer exists

    19 Common The user doesn’t have the permission for this action

    24 Common Maximum size reached

    27 Common The account has expired

    29 Common Maximum number of instances reached

    32 Common The system has expired

    51 API The connection is no longer available

    52 API The form instance no longer exists

    53 API The API Feature is not enabled for this account

    501 Form Services Unable to identify the FormID in the web service name, or the separator between the FormID and the class name is misssing.

    502 Form Services The class name is missing.

    503 Form Services There is already a control with the same name inside the form.

    504 Form Services There is already a control with the same ID inside the form.

    505 Form Services The specified value is present more than once in a structure that does not allows values to repeat itself. Such structures are DropDown lists, Multilists etc.

    506 Form Services The type of this control new to the IISFilter and it does not know how to handle it.

    507 Form Services The SOAP message does not have the right format. It may be corrupt.

    508 Form Services The XmlMetaData of the form changed.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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