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    I’d like to be able to hit a button on the form and open a new window. In the new window would be a web component (a separate in-house component, not part of PerfectForms) that the user would interact with. After this user interaction, a number of parameters would need to be passed back to the form and used to populate specific form fields. The second window would then close and the user would complete the rest of the form and then submit it.

    I know that I can open a new window from a form instance and provide a specific URL for this. What I can’t work out how to do is how to pass the parameters back to the form once the user has finished with the pop-up window. Is this possible?

    I was looking at the API but not sure about using this. If the form instance hasn’t been submitted yet can I edit it? If so, is it possible to get hold of the instance within the code controlling the second window and then update it? It doesn’t look like I can pass the instance id to the URL as this is a fixed string.

    Any help would be appreciated.



    Moona, is this ‘web component’ really a webservice ? if so you should be able to handle all this by setting up a webservice connection, you can then pass information into the webservice from the form and return the result to the form as well.

    However, if that isn’t what you need, we will be releasing some new behavior functions in the next release (looking to release version 1.11 early next month) that could be what you need here.

    Extract Query String Parameter, Get Custom Parameter, Get External Call Parameter and Get URL Parameter. Details of their usage will be available with the release of v1.11



    Thanks for your reply. The web component isn’t really a web service (although it may be implemented using web services).

    Here is a simple example to illustrate the kinds of things we want to do:

    As part of filling in the form, users would need to provide an X and Y coordinate for a location of interest. Clicking on a “Find on Map” button on the form would open a new window which would display an in-house application: a mapping component that will allow users to view a map image, zoom in and out, pan around the map and then click on the map. The application would capture the coordinates of the click and then pass them back to the form.

    Is this possible with the current release of PerfectForms? If not, can you give me a bit more of an idea of how the new functions you’ve mentioned might be used?





    I’m not aware of it being possible in the current release, and afraid I have no specifics on these new behavior functions at this time.

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