Can I store form content data in my own database only if on-demand?

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    Hi there,

    If PerfectForms is licensed “on-demand” rather than on “on-premise”, is it possible to configure the application so that form content data is NOT stored on the PerfectForms servers, but instead is only stored in our own local database?

    I’ve reviewed the Connection Agent documentation but don’t think this contains the info I need. I know I can configure a form so that individual fields are read from or write to the database, but when writing to our own database, is this just writing a local copy? Does the PerfectForms application always expect the form content data to be stored within the PerfectForms database structure?

    If it is possible to by-pass the storage of form content data on the hosted PerfectForms database, is there are special configuration that needs to be done? Can you provide details?

    Many thanks,




    it is when you ‘submit’ the data on any form that it sends that data into the database (ondemand or onpremise). so if you are able to design your form and never need to ‘submit’ the data you could do this and not store any data on our servers.

    You could set up a connection action to your database using ‘INSERT’ to send the data in from the first stage’ , another SELECT action to read the data from your database into a new (blank) form, UPDATE action to then update that record as you collect more data for that form instance.

    Your challenge though will be in terms of how you are able to identify the data stored in your database from the first ‘INSERT’ to read back into your forms for future stages. And of course as you are not ‘submitting’ the data you will not be able to use any of the workflow functions (notify audience etc).

    So technically it is possible, but practically it will probably be hard to work with.

    Is there a specific reason why you do not want data stored on our servers ? The data is very secure but if you have specific concerns, please let us know and we can see what can be done to assist there



    Hi Ian,

    Thanks. I don’t think this is really going to be workable – the workflow functionality is a key requirement for us. Our main issue is around European Data Protection legislation which doesn’t allow personal data to be transferred or stored outwith the EU, except to certain approved countries. As the data will be stored in the States – which isn’t an approved country – this is an issue for us. However, Rackspace who do your hosting are signed up to the “Safe Harbor” scheme (agreed between the US Government and the European Commission) and this may allow us to get around this issue. I need to do more investigation here to see if this will be acceptable to our Board but I think this is the more promising route to follow – I don’t think we can get away with not submitting our data to your servers, it just won’t give us the functionality we need.

    Thanks for clearing this up for me.





    I’ll get your comments here over to Head Office, I’m sure they have had similar questions raised on data storage in the past and may be able to get back to you with some information to help your Board.

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