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    Would anyone know why the Cancel on my OK/Cancel buttons still submits the form?

    The setup of the message type is as follows

    Select “Ask for confirmation”

    Select “OK or Cancel”

    Tick “Stop execution if ‘cancel'”

    However, when the user selects cancel, the for still submits.

    Any clues?




    The ‘stop execution if cancel’ will mean that any subsequent actions on your script will not then be executed. if you have your ‘submit data’ action after the ‘show message’ set as you mention here and the users select ‘cancel’ then the submit data shouldn’t run.



    This is what seems to be happening. I placed an Info Show Message command immediately after the one where I need to cancel just to see if the script continues, it doesn’t, however the form still submits the data.

    Could I have something else wrong in the placement of the message where I need to cancel?



    all you should need to do is to replace this second ‘show message’ script action with the submit data action. if you have another mechanism handling the ‘submit data’ that could be triggered elsewhere.

    Could you send over an export of your form to us ( and can have a look to see what is going on for you


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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