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    Laura Debello

    Can you please advise how I can get to the Value or Caption for ListBoxes? I am trying to set a SetField object that sets the field one field A to the value(s) selected in a list box. However in the Select A Field Popup, I can see the Listbox object, I can expand it, but I don’t egt the usual Value & Caption options, and the OK button remains disabled. Even if I highlight the actual list box object the OK button remains disabled. I have tried Copy Fields, but that doesn’t work. I also noticed that it is isn’t available as a target in a connection.





    Not really sure what you are seeing here? I’ve set up a list box and a text object and under a ‘button’ have added in a ‘SetField’ script and I am able to set to the text field the ‘value of another field’ and in there I can get to the list object | Value

    Can you send over an example form where you are seeing this problem to us at Also please confirm that you are running version 1.15 of FormArtist (the value component of some objects wasn’t exposed in earlier versions and perhaps it may be related to the version of perfectforms you are running and you should look to get updated



    With a List object you have the option to allow multiple selections.

    If this option is not selected then you should be able to get to the Value and Caption just like you can for a Drop-down list.

    If the multiple selection option is selected then you cannot get to the Value and Caption because there will not be a single answer. Instead you are able to interrogate the ‘state’ of a particular choice in the list with the possible response being ‘true’, if selected, or ‘false’, if not selected.


    Laura Debello

    Hi guys, thanks for your responses.

    I did a little bit more testing and you are both right (of course). The only thing is that it is only right for lists that are hard-coded. It is not possible to access the values or test for True or False for dynamic built lists (via a connection). I will have to come up with another way to provide multi-choice functionality. Checkboxes is not an option due to limited real-estate on the form. Listboxes were the best way because it allowed me to provided a long list within a small space.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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