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    I want to make sure users fill mandatory fields before being allowed to the next page. I’ve tried 2 different (unsuccessful) strategies so far:

    1. In the “Page Button Properties”, there is only 1 behavior available: “PageButton is shown”. I don’ understand why there’s no “PageButton is clicked” behavior. That would allow me to add a behavior associated to the clicked button and check for mandatory fields.

    2. In the “Page Properties”, I set a behavior for when the page is closed. In the behavior view, I have a “Check Mandatory” object for 4 objects (Name fields, telephone field, etc…). In the “Check Mandatory Properties”, the “Stop execution if check fails” is checked. When previewing & testing the form, I get a warning when mandatory fields are not filled. So far so good. However the form leads me to the next page instead of stopping on the current page.

    How can I implement what I’m trying to do, i.e. forcing users to fill mandatory fields before going to the next page?




    Don’t use a Page Button – use a normal button. Then you will have a Button is Clicked behavior. Use a Mandatory check object, then link to a Page object and select where you want it to go (Next Page probably).




    This is working great. Thanks!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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