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    I have a dropdown that initially has no items. Through another set of behaviors a connect command will load items into that dropdown. When that connect command returns no results, i would expect the dropdown’s value to be nothing, null, or empty string. However, when this happens and a user clicks the submit button, a check mandatory runs for this field and it is not seen as needing a value. To work around this I added a branch for whether or not the last command was successful, this occurs immediately after the connect command. If the last command was not successful I set the value of the dropdown to an empty string. After adding this step the check mandatory runs correctly on that field. My question is, what value would the dropdown be getting from a connect command that returns no results that would cause the check mandatory command to see it as ok?

    Edit: One thing I forgot to mention, I have a set selection items command before the connect command so that in case it doesn’t return any results, if there were items from a previous time of running the connect command, they would be cleared first. The set selection items command has no items in it, so maybe that’s tripping it up? It’s still seems odd that a dropdown with no items would make it past a check mandatory command.



    See here for the details of the values


    but also seems that you may be over complicating things here. If after your connect you are running a condition on the ‘behaviour – last command was successful’ all you need to do is to set your ‘check mandatory’ to only run when this condition has been satisfied (ie the TRUE branch) and then bypass this check mandatory for the ‘FALSE’ branch

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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