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    Hello PerfectForms Users,
    We have all used Radio Buttons and Check Boxes. Many times I have seen these items used interchangeably; however using the objects interchangeable is incorrect. In this post, I would like to highlight the differences, and unique benefits each have. With this knowledge, you should be able to use each object in a correct, and effective manner protecting yourself against future rework.
    Before we get started I will first post the definition of checkboxes, and radio buttons as defined by the W3C standards.
    A checkbox is an input option that represents a setting or value with an on, off, or mixed-choice. A check mark within the checkbox indicates that the setting is selected or checked.
    Checkboxes in a group are non-exclusive options; more than one checkbox in a group can be checked at any given time.
    Radio Buttons:
    A radio button is one of a group of controls representing mutually-exclusive choices. A radio button is typically represented as a round control to distinguish from the square checkbox control.
    In short, Checkboxes should be thought of as “And” statements. Radio buttons should always be thought of as an “Or” Statement. By structuring what you are trying to answer, if you need an “And” or an “Or” your selected object should be clarified.
    Now that we have a clear definition of each object, I will work on expanding your knowledge base. We will begin with Radio Buttons, Radio Buttons in PerfectForms are a single selection object. This means that within a grouping of Radio Buttons only one selection can be made. Once a Radio Button has been checked, it cannot be unchecked. To clear a Radio Button, you must select and alternate Radio Button. A Radio Button should never be considered and independent entity. By dragging a single Radio Button on a page, the will work like a group as any additional Radio Buttons dragged on to the page will affected by the selection made. With that being said, it is best practice to always use a Radio Button Group and add or remove additional Radio Buttons. By using a group you achieve the following:
    • Expanding the functionality
    • Ensure the selections properties are limited to a designated area
    Using a Radio Button group has an added benefit, the group can inherit the value of the selection made. For example, in the image below you will see Option 1 is selected. This will set the value of the group as 1.

    Setting a value in a group provides more flexibility as it provides 3 data types to use in behaviors and reporting. The data available to you is the following:
    • Value of the Radio Button (Any Value defined)
    • True/False
    • Checked/Unchecked
    • Caption of the Radio Button
    • Value of the Group that contains the Radio Button
    Now that we have expanded upon the use of Radio Buttons, we will move to checkboxes. A Check Box will always act as in the independent object. This means you are able to use a Check Box with or without a group. If you wish to add more control to a checkbox you can group the objects. By grouping the Check Boxes you can base behaviors off the group changing data. A group is also handy for organizing your data structure. A Check Box should be used to either provide multiple selections or the ability to deselect items. Another benefit of a Check Box is the ability to change state independently. A Check Box can be set to any of the following states:
    • Read only
    • Disabled
    • Visible
    • Hidden
    As you can see, the differences between Check Boxes and Radio Buttons are great. I hope this article helps you in your future designs. If you have additional questions, please feel free to post below, and I will be happy to respond.
    Thanks for reading, and Happy Form Building!

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