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    I have a scenario with 5 checkbox choices. If some or any are selected I need to notify the proper person. Is their a simple way to do this without writing a huge if statement with ~20 scenarios?


    You could create a behavior on when the checkbox group changes field data. Use a Multiline Text hidden helper field. Start by setting the helper field to empty. Then create a Multiple Branch or a series of simple branch objects to populate the hidden helper with the values of all the checked checkboxes separated by commas (no spaces). Then create a role and make the owner of the role the email addresses in that hidden helper field. Send the notification to that role.



    How would I set the value for the checkboxes? The end user needs to see example Federal Programs but we’d want that value to me


    Sorry, I forgot that only radio buttons and drop-downs have values AND captions. You can’t use either of those objects though because you want to be able to make multiple selections. For checkboxes you will have to build that into the set field behavior, setting the helper field with specific emails rather than from the value of another object.



    So if I have a 5 checkboxes I need to make a scenario for each? I’ve spent about 2 hours creating close to 30 scenarios and am only about 50% done. I’m sure there’s a better method.


    If there are that many, I would use a series of Simple Branches when the group changes data. With each true answer to a simple branch you add email address(es) to the hidden helper. Assign the role to that hidden helper, send the notifications to that role. That should be much simpler.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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