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    I have a multi page form, on the first page there are 5 check boxes that run behaviors one may chose from 0 to 5 choices.

    I am tiring to make this a child form, were from the parent form one may make there check box selection, on the first page open event of the first page of the child form the check boxes are checked and the behavior are executed.

    I thought this would be easy to do as I have made other parent child forms, but I an stuck, I can not get the behaviors to execute properly from the page open event, either they wont execute or they execute twice,

    I have tried on click, on show, on change data, I have tried all the combination I can think of, the combination of “on open event” and running behaviors has confounded me.

    I would appreciate any ideas you have.




    Very hard to understand what you are trying to say but if you are trying to pass data from a parent form to the child form, first check that this works as you expect.

    It could be that your logic isn’t correct if you are referring to a check box object where the users could be selecting one, two, three , four or all five selections and not related to the ‘page is opened’ event and so then work on the child form in isolation where you initially replace the ‘populated from the parent’ with a manual action to populate the field you are trying to run the behaviours on and place your behaviour under a button to invoke them. Then run the form in ‘debug’ mode so you can then see how your behaviours are running.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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