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    I have a form(1) and a table form(2) form which I add data to the open instances of the first form(1), I would like to close out the first form(1) from the table form(2).

    To this end I have tried a “set field in other instance” behavior like so:

    Form = form(1)

    Form Field = “StageName”

    Form Instance Id = myinstancefield

    “Text or Number” = Closed Out (closed stage setting name.

    Not working



    CJ Hines

    Thats fine, but now you must have a trigger on form1 in the text field: when “Stage name” changes field data(<- behavior) and = Closed out (<-text) then ‘set next stage’ is closed stage.

    Lets recap:

    If textbox on form1 = “Closed out” then ‘set next stage’ dropdown to closed stage.

    PF Support



    Thank you for the response, I got the above to work but only if I submit the form again, so I added a behavior to the form open event that checked for the closed stage, this all seems to work, am I miss understanding what you wrote though given I have to resubmit the form to get it to show up in the closed Instance folder of my form?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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