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    We have a bunch of text fields formatted for numeric input. These are text fields – not numeric. We format them as numeric in order to validate input ranges.

    We need to concatenate the fields into a string.

    There is no & function or ConvertToString function in the formula editor.

    We have tried the square bracket approach shown in the Formula and Condition Editor documentation


    Area Code [545] Exchange [218] Root [1234] needs to be converted to 55452181234

    Comes back as [545][218][1234]

    Shouldn’t that work?



    Think you may have misread what the example was trying to show, where it is showing how you can take the value of a field and present it within [ ]

    if your 3 fields (field A field B and field C) are storing these numbers 545 218 and 1234 and you want to present them into a field to be 5452181234

    then in the formula editor just set it up like

    field A


    field B


    field C

    if though this isn’t what you are meaning and I’ve misread this, can you send over in the support ticket more details (an export of your form with screen shots to show what you see on the main fields and what you want to get out will help )



    The problem is it treats the text fields as numbers and adds them.



    The onnly other way around this would be set the text field property to None, which would allow characters and numbers, then add some additional validation for each field. No so bad if you can call a function, but to have to do this for 30-odd fields is a chore. I’m not even sure there is a way to validate that with the limited function set available.



    Thanks for sending the form to show this.. have sent back with update using the JOIN function. this could do what you are after here ? it is a new function just added and not yet ‘documented’ but for your 3 fields, add in 3 joins one to each of the fields and it should give you what you need



    UPDATE.. Join isn’t always the best, depends on the format of data in the field – sometimes it works but not ALL the time. However a combination of the length and subtext functions will join fields into one string

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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