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    I have created a search page allowing the user to enter an order id and press a search button. I have setup a behavior behind the search button that uses a connection with our SQL Server database. I pass the primary key as the input parameter that the user entered and return all the values from the table back to perfect forms and assign them to the screen. The first time I perform the search the connection and everything works perfectly. When I try to search again, I get the please wait screen and it continues this until I close the session. This was in design mode and me using the preview function. I published the page and tried from the link provided. I had a little more luck being able to search 3 or 4 times but eventually would get stuck again and then I would get a time out box. After hitting the ok button on the time out box my results would then return. Any ideas?



    So the issue has been resolved, from what I can tell. It was either one of two things. One I was not clearing all of the fields before connecting and searching, which I thought could have been clogging something up. Secondly, and what I think was the issue, is I was using time fields where the user could enter in a work schedule of start and end times for each day. On the SQL server database I was using the time data type to store these fields. These were being stored correctly, but when returning the data types it seems like it was having a problem butting the time data types from the sql server back into the time fields on the form. I changed the data types to varchar and everything works now.


    What version of the Connection Agent are you using? You can check it by navigating to yourtomcatIP:8080/ConnectionAgent.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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