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    This form needs to allow constant changes by the user for the next two years. It has a simple workflow that seems to work on the first pass. However, on the next pass notification is not invoked. I have tried using the ‘Set Next Stage’ behavior to cause the last stage in the process to go back to the first stage but that is not working.

    e.g. User asks for two items out of a possible four items. User submits 2 items, those items are approved and emails are sent-out. Form is approved. Now the user is ready to submit another item on that form – submits and no email to the approver. If the approver approves of the request then an email should go out to inform requester that the new request has been approved – no email was generated.

    Is there a way to cause email notification in each stage regardless of what stage it is in? In other words, if in stage 3 and stage 2 was re-submitted then send out an email about stage 2.



    Hi Pointreyes, I saw your support enquiry. I’ve responded to that and we can continue to use the support form.



    I think I solved it!

    1) Keep the workflow on the form. If I remove the workflow the roles will not work.

    2) Don’t use the submit button. Use the normal button.

    3) Copy the process in the workflow into the normal button’s behavior and add the Submit Data Form command at the end of the behavior.

    4) Remove the Send e-mail check from workflow notifications (prevents multiple email).

    What happens:

    User is capable of making changes at anytime and email notifications start at the correct stage. All the roles are kept intact so the links on the email will take the email recipient to the correctly formated form based on the role. So far, I have not had a hiccup using this method on the testing I have done. However, next week will be a more extensive test period – if I have a problem I will post it here first.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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