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    i have a multiline text input object.and i want to copy 2 different text input fields on that multiline text input from other 2 different pages of the same form at the same time.i tired by composing a formula and used 1st text object + 2nd text object but 1st was over written by 2nd.So how can this be done.




    if you are using the ‘set field’ behaviour, should be as simple as you have mentioned here where your forumla is

    Text field 1


    Text field 2

    although you may want to include a ‘Special – New Line’ to the 2 text fields dont just append into one line

    also consider what your max characters are in these 2 fields so that your destination field is set to allow both maximum lengths.

    But again, if you can’t see it, raise in the support ticket where you can attach your form and give details of where these 3 fields are on the form and how the script to ‘add’ is invoked.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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