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    Hello PerfectForms users,
    Today I would like to share a tip used to Optimize form performance, and make builds go by a little bit quicker.
    Many form designs require data from 1 field to appear in another field. For this action we have 2 options that will work. The behaviors are “Copy Fields”, and “Set Fields”.

    What is the difference between the 2?

    Copy fields is a function that will strictly copy data from one field to the other. This functionality does not come with many bells and whistles; however you are able to use this function to optimize performance as one command can copy a large number of fields to another set of fields.
    If you were to use a “Set Fields” behavior, you would need to build out a string of set fields in order to achieve the same goal.

    Now that I know about copy fields, why would I use a set field?

    This is a good question. Although set fields is limited to only setting one field at a time, you are provided with a vast number of options. Set fields has much more power than a simple copy function behind it. The abilities in set fields are the following:

  • * Data manipulation
  • * Data search
  • * Pulling data from external calls
  • * Formatting data
  • * Utilizing concatenation to string together data fields
  • All these abilities, and much more are located on the set fields command when you configure the result. With that being said, there is a simple principle I like to use when deciding which is best for my build.

  • * If you need to change the data you are setting in any way, use a set field.
  • * If you need an external command, Use a set field.
  • * If you only need to repeat data across a form, use a Copy field.
  • Using this structure should help you limit the amount of commands packed into your form. This will result in the following benefits:

  • * Faster Forms
  • * Lower build time
  • * Less testing
  • Thank you all for reading, please feel free to post any questions or comments below, and I will be sure to provide an answer.
    Happy Form Building!

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