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    I have a table and it has 3 columns.1st col. is item code,2nd col. is item decsription and 3rd col. is Quantity.Now a user can create 1 or more then 1 rows.After submitting form,it goes to another department,let us say Store.There is a “Create PR” button which will call another PR Form.What i want is when any user from store press this” Create PR” button.It calls for PR Form and on PR Form there should be some text fields created. The number of text fields created depends on the number of rows created in the table.And 1st col. is copied at first field on PR Form and then 2nd and so on till the last row.



    The first and easiest suggestion I have is to use a table in your child form (PR Form)and populate the table in the child from the table in the parent. You cannot create fields at run time so your other choice is to hide a bunch of fields and set them to normal as needed.



    Can you give me any idea how can i populate table in Child Form.As i feel completly lost.I have been trying to use “Show Form” and “Show Form Button” but none is working the way we want i.e. populating table in child form.


    I have emailed you a parent form, a child form, and a connection for you to use as examples.



    It worked but i created 2 new forms and followed the steps.Now there is another problem.Whenever i create or issue my child form i.e. PR Form in my case,the values in child form are repeated as of parent form.Like if i create 2 rows in parent form and then those 2 rows are passed to child form.But if i create/issue a new intance of parent form and again create 2 rows and pass it to child form by calling it and submitting it.But when i go to child form,which is in its closed stage,it shows 4 rows altogather.And in both instances of child form, four rows are created.whereas only 2 rows should be in each of the child instance.

    Any idea how can we solve this problem.



    The child form has behaviors on when form opens to use the connection and populate the table. It does it every time the form is opened. Modify the behavior so that it only connects if the instance is new and certain fields are empty.



    It worked.Thanks for your help.



    I guess there is a parent form is submitted twice before it calls for PR form.If its submitted single time it shows PR form with rows from table from parent form but if it is submitted twice it doesnt show those rows created at parent form table.Any idea about this.


    It sounds like the child works properly the first time the parent is submitted, and then when the parent is submitted a second time something happens in the child. Modify your behaviors so that either the parent only tries to create a child the first time it is submitted and/or the child only gets the custom parameters from the parent the first time it is opened.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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