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    I have a form with a series of open ended questions that I need to match with an employee ID. In the exported CSV report when I open in Excel some of the responses are broken up across a number of cells/rows. I’ve exported using commas, tabs, and even semi-colons and I get the same results. Is there a way to format the data/report so as not to read the characters within the responses. I am assuming that some character that was entered into the multiline text field in my original form is causing the issue with the CSV reports.


    The problem with exporting data is that it exports in our schema and as you have seen, is not always easy to use. A better practice is to use our Connection Agent /Documentation/manual/html/?lookup_agent.htm to write to a a CSV file or SQL table in the workflow of the form.

    This has the advantage of being in real time, in your schema, and fully automated once you set it up.

    Workflow software, Process software, Procedure software

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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