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    I have a parent/child form set-up. I want certain fields from the parent form to feed into the child form, so I have set up custom parameters. When I create a child instance, I can see that the fields have come into the child form.

    However, if I submit the data, the data in the fields that were pulled in disappears.

    Why is that?



    How are handling the loading of the custom parameters to the child form?

    If you have this set field script on the ‘when form is opened’ then the script will run everytime you open the form, and will not then be able to detect the parameter from the parent form in future stages (ie as you reload the form again)

    Add to your form behavior a condition so that this set field script only runs when the form is loaded first time (ie something like .. if stage = stage 1 .. for the condition, with the set field action under the TRUE branch) and you will see the data loaded from the custom parameter action in all future stages of the form



    Thanks – I was using ‘when form is opened’ – I’ve fixed it according to your advice and that took care of my problem!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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