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    i have a data grid the first column is Date Submitted,No. of days since it was submitted, the third column is days had been Delayed the quota is only 3 days.i need to show in the third column how many days the process is delayed after 3 days..i have a problem in getting in computing the third column


    Reporting objects do not perform calculations. They simply report on data in the forms, and then dynamically drill down by the metrics you assign. You can filter by date to find the instances that fall in a specified date range. Use the Filter Input object. Here is the page in our documentation about the Filter Input object: /Documentation/manual/html/?adding_a_filter_input.htm.



    my goal in the 3rd is column is to get all the delayed process,starting after 3 days the request has been submitted.

    i cannot access the link.


    The most simple solution is to use a hidden date field and set it to (date input1 + 3 days) when the date changes in the input. Report on the hidden field.

    I tested the link, it worked. Please try it again.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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