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    I have an issue with a form that updates a database. I have found that, when sending text with certain characters to the database, the update behavior fails and the error “An error has occurred. Invalid request parameters” is displayed.

    Characters that can cause this problem include quotation marks that are not straight (such as MS Word’s Smart Quotes), the ellipsis character, Em dashes, etc.

    I believe this is a PerfectForms issue, as the Database is able to handle the characters. In fact, PerfectForms is able to retrieve the characters from the database and display them without any problems; the error only occurs when trying to update the database. Are there any ideas as to why this might be? Is there any documentation regarding what characters the Connection Agent can and cannot handle?


    You are seeing error code 231: Invalid request parameters. Our troubleshooting documentation at: /Documentation/manual/html/?admin_connection_agent_troubleshooti.htm. says the following:

    Database ID and/or Datasource ID are not in the request. This means the connection is not correctly configured in the connection details screen (if this occurs in ConnectionEditor when using

    “Check” button) or the connection is not correctly saved (if this occurs in Player or MainEditor).

    We have tested inserting the following text (‘“Smart quotes” “plain quotes” en dash (–) em dash (—) ellipsis (…)’ ) into SQL server using ConnectionAgent.

    The result: success. All characters have been inserted into the database.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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