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    We are seeing the following error messages for almost 6 hours now (from PFService.txt). We also saw the 1st message from a few days ago, but it went away. Please advise what the problem is, and if we can fix this ourselves:

    “Outer error: Attempt to fetch logical page (1:44668) in database 7 failed. It belongs to allocation unit 72057594879541248 not to 72057594893107200.

    2012-11-19 16:08:42 – Check indicators failed!”

    “Outer error: Possible index corruption detected. Run DBCC CHECKDB.”

    So far there is no actual error message on the form submissions, everything seems to be normal from the dashboard. However there hasn’t been any notification email sent out since 6 hours ago, though there are lots of production transactions and activities going on. Please advise. Thank you.


    These errors are caused by database corruption (database administration issue) which needs to be addressed by a Core DBA.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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