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    Nakia Brewer


    I am creating a report and have 3 Data Grids. I want each DataGrid to only show the Form Instances Values if it is at a Certain Stage. For Example: DG1 should show all requests in Stage “Receievd” and DG2 should show all requests in Stage “Scheduled” etc etc.

    Any pointers?


    To do this you would have to create 3 separate data sources for your report. The problem to avoid with this is that a reporting object can only set the filter for one data source. In other words, if you also have say, a Pie Chart on the report it will only modify one of the Data Lists when it is clicked. If this is the route you want to take I suggest that you filter your report with a Text Input field. When the Text Input field changes data use three Set Filter behavior objects (one for each data source). Set the filters with the value in the Text Input. For your scenario you actually are probably much better off using a drop-down containing the names of the stages to set the filters rather than a Text Input. That way you know the spelling of the stage name is correct.



    Nakia Brewer

    Thanks Dennis,

    I worked out yesterday that I needed to use seperate dataSources (with Static Filter) to achieve this and ran into the issue you mention regarding drill down. Can you provide any more detail on the solution you mention above? Is there a way to keep using the pie chart as the drill down filter and get it to apply to each dataSource.

    The other option I thought about was to have all the information in 1 DG (and on dataSource) and continue to use the Pie Chart as the filter (Stage) but when a filter occurs I could show/hide certain columns in the DG. would this be possible?

    Are there any plans on development to extending filters to work across multiple dataSources?


    Because reporting objects cannot be used in behaviors there is no way to use a single reporting object (like a Pie Chart) to filter multiple data sources. The states of columns are not dynamic.
    Why not simply have a column for “stage” and a Pie Chart for “stage” as well. That way your users can drill down by the stage using the Pie Chart and see the results in the Data Grid?


    Nakia Brewer

    The approach you mention is what I ended up with but there are certain columns in the DG that I would like to hide/show dependent on the Stage. This is why I throught of using seperate DG’s.

    So there is no way to hide/display columns based upon a filter value?


    Correct. There is no way to dynamically change the state of columns.


    Nakia Brewer

    Okay thanks Dennis

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