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    Nakia Brewer

    Hi Again, Can someone point me in the direction of how to implement an option to have a date filter on a report I am currently building?

    I.E. 2 Boxes, first Labelled Start Date and the Other End Date —> Button beside which then applies a filter to the Data Grid below that only shows form instances with a Last Submission Date that falls between the values entered in the 2 Boxes.


    Use a Filter Input object and set for Day and Range. Please see our help guide: /Documentation/manual/html/?adding_a_filter_input.htm


    Nakia Brewer


    I did read through this but it doesn’t really define how to do what I need. I am confused as to how I link the 2 filters together (startDate – finishDate)

    I will have a further look today.



    If you use a Filter Input object and set it to Date and Range it will give your users two date inputs (start and end).


    Nakia Brewer

    Also, forgot to ask.

    will this be looking at the {Meta – Last Submission Date} or can I specify to look at what I like (For example when the formInstance is first submitted I place the date into a Hidden FLD, could I direct the filter to look at that)


    Yes you can.


    Nakia Brewer

    I found something a little annoying with this.

    The dayRange filter doesn’t have an option to change the format of the date! It is set to MM/DD/YYYY but we in Australia need it as DD/MM/YYYY! (Yes, I know it has a calendar selector but when it passes the result into the FLD its displayed as mentioned above)

    Its not a huge deal but maybe something that could be improved upon.



    I will submit a development request on your behalf.


    Nakia Brewer


    Something else that could be improved. If you set the FLD source of dayRange filter to a FLD that isn’t of type date but it still has a date value in it (like format “8 Aug 2013”) the lookup within the report hangs…

    Can be replicated by using a behaviour to placed util-CurrentDate into a FLD on a form on submission.. then subsequently build a simple report which has a dayRange filter linked to that FLD..

    Hope that makes sense???


    What is “FLD”?


    Nakia Brewer

    Sorry, FLD = Text Input Field


    A filter input cannot populate a Text Input Field. Therefore the format of a date range in a Filter Input should have no bearing. As you pointed out, it has a calendar selector.
    True, you cannot use a Text Input Field as a date source in a report.


    Nakia Brewer

    Okay thanks for your help

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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