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Date format in report csv output

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    I am trying to import a date to a software package that only accepts csv format of dd/mm/yyyy from a Perfectforms report. the form is setup to show the format dd/mm/yyyy but I notice that the csv exported from the form is yyyy/mm/dd (unless you read it in Excel). Thought I’d be clever and create a formula using day(date) + “/” + month(date) + “/” + year(date). Work great except that day and month values need to be 2-digits. Then noticed there is some new functions, GetExactDay, GetExactMonth and GetExactYear which are not on our system. Presuming that these were introduced as part of an update. Can you advise whether we can get them without updating or whether there is a workaround using the day, month, year functions.


    The new functions, GetExactDay, GetExactMonth and GetExactYear were part of an update. In lieu of the update you could use some helper fields and behaviors to set a field with the full date including zeros. Set the day in a day helper field. If the field length = 1 use a Set Field with a formula (0 + d + day). Then use another set field to set the Day helper with a replace function. Replace d in the field. leave it blank so it replaces d with nothing. Do the same with the month field. Then put them together in a formula (day + / + month + / + year).



    Thanks Dennis for a quick response. Not sure what you mean by helper fields. Do you mean additional fields to hold temporary results? I have already split the date into day, month and year fields. Can I manipulate the day and month fields or do I still need additional helper fields. Hate to ask, but in this case an example would help a lot.
    I was hoping to do all this with the formula facility on each report field assignment, but guess that can only be done using the GetExact functions.


    I have emailed you an example form. Please let us know when you would like to update your installation.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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