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    I have a form which have a save option.i.e. a Save Button.It re-opens the form properly.if user have filled half of the form and saves it and when re-opens the form it is half filled.Now at this stage if i want to just delete the form how can i delete it.As when user saves it a form instance is created.So in other words how can i delete a form instance.

    I hope you got my problem.




    go to the Edit Forms Tree view, select your form and then you can see all the instances (open and closed), select and from there you can delete individual instances.

    details here:




    I know we can do this in the way you explained.

    But my question is,How can i delete a form instance if form is re-opened after saving it.Or other words How can i delete instance of form at RUNTIME when the form is open.

    Am i able to clear my point?



    if you are opening a form that has been saved you do not need to be deleting the original instance. it is the SAME instance of the form that is being opened and when it is then submitted again it is the SAME instance that is being updated. There would not be a NEW instance created



    I know the form instance will be the same when it is initiated first time and remains same when its re-opened.So is there any other way to delete the form instance other than Edit Forms Tree View.



    No afraid not

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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